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1. Is the price for a single miniature or a unit?
- The price in all categories is per one miniature.

2. Do you take commissions?
- Yes!  If you need painting, converting, sculpting, assembling, cleaning, literally anything regarding the hobby, don't hesitate - simply contact us via service@denofimagination.com.

3. What information do you need to prepare a precise quote?

  •  Name – First and Last Name

  •  Country – What country are you from?

  •  Models – What models do you want us to paint? 

  •  Assembly – Do your models require assembly or some conversions?

  •  Painting – We offer 5 painting levels at the moment but we can do something even more spectacular. Let us know which level are you interested in. 

If you want to help us and speed things up please download, fill and send to us this file: DoI Instruction


4. Do you ship internationally?
- Yes.

5. Can I visit your studio?
- Of course! Contact us and we will set you up. You will even get some free cookies!

6. Is there a minimum commission cost?
- Yes. Minimum commission cost (our services) is 150+ USD. 

7. Do you take single miniature commissions?
- Yes we do but it costs slightly more than if the miniature was a part of the whole army.

8. Do you provide safe packaging? Will my models be safe?
- Yes! We take very good care of your models and pack them very carefully. Check the unboxing 
process of one of our packages at MWG>>.

9. Can I choose an artist that will be working on my commission?
- Theoretically yes. However it will take a lot more time to finish the project and will be more expensive.

10. Can I get a tutorial how you painted my models?
- It all depends. If the process is too complicated we would have to charge for it extra.

11. What type of payment do you accept?
- We accept Paypal and international bank transfers.