Furthermore we have a stock of models from all over the years and armies. All models from the list below are on sale, UNPAINTED, unpacked from the box, mostly not even assembled and  cleaned. If you will order painting these on at least level 3 you will get them for free. That means you will only pay for assembly and painting.

Contact us via doiassist@gmail.com or service@denofimagination.com


Adeptus Astartes Tartaros Terminators 5
Adeptus Astartes Space Marine Company Command Box (Missing Company Champion Shoulderpads) 1
Adeptus Titanicus Warhound Scout Titans (1x Turbo Laser Destructor missing) 2
Astra Militarum Cadian Command Squad (box without Commander) 1
Astra Militarum Cadian Heavy Weapons Team 3
Astra Militarum Officio Prefectus Commissar 3
Astra Militarum Psykers 3
Astra Militarum Ratlings  5
Gunnery Sergeant Harker 1
Battle Sister with Simulacrum Imperialis 1
Battle Sister with Storm Bolter 2 1
Battle Sister Superior 1
Battle Sister Superior with Power Sword and Bolter 1
Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest 1
Blood Angels Upgrades 1
Cataphractii Terminators 4
Chaos Aspiring Champion 1
Chaos Blue Horrors (1 horror missing) 1
Chaos Space Marine (old three parts) 6
Chaos Cultists 8
Chaos Space marines (Easy to build) 3
Chaos Space Marines Chosen 8
Chaos Space Marines Kranon the Relentless 1
Chaos Herald of Slannesh without the Steed 1
Chaos Herald of Tzeentch (different) 2
Chaos Kor Phaeron 2
Chaos Soulgrinder 1
Chaos Terminator Lord 1
Chaos Terminator Lord (some parts missing) 1
Chaos Tzeentch Lord On Disc 1
Deathguard Blightlord Terminators 3
Deathguard Converted Plague Marines 16
Deathguard Lord of Contagion 1
Deathguard Plague Marines (Easy to Build) 2
Deathguard Poxwalkers 2
Deathwatch Chaplain Cassius 1
Deathwatch Captain Artemis 2
Deathwatch Converted Kill Team (10 models) 1
Eldar Dark Reapers 4
Eldar Farseer (metal) 1
Eldar Fire Dragons 6
Eldar Guardians Box (missing the platform crew antenna)  1
Eldar War Walker 2
Eldar Windrider 1
Eldar Venom 1
Genestealer Acolyte Hybrids 21
Genestealer Neophyte Hybrids 16
Inquisition Deathcult Assassins 2
Imperial Knights Armiger Helverins (Box) 1
Necron Doom Scythe (box without the part in the front center of the model. Part #11 for the assembly sheet) 1
Necron Destroyer Lord Upgrade Pack 1
Necron Lord with Resurrection Orb 1
Necron Monolith (Defective Parts) 1
Necron Warriors (single model) 4
Night Lord Hero 1
Ork Boyz  20
Ork Burnas 5
Ork Deff Dread Mob (1 model) 1
Ork Flash Gitz 5
Ork Nob 1
Ork Meganob 1
Rogue Trader - Elucia Vhane 1
Rogue Trader - Larsen Van Der Grauss 1
Rogue Trader - Riguez 1
Rogue Trader - Shalkus 1
Rogue Trader - Theolus  
Sisters of Battle Canoness Veridyan 2
Space Marine Ravenwing Biker 1
Space Marine Biker 1
Space Marines Captain Aethon 1
Space Marine Chaplain with Skull Helmet 1
Space Marine Dark Angel Converted Chaplain (with magnetized options) 1
Space Marines Deathwing Command Squad (some parts missing) 1
Space Marines Honour Guard (1 standard), 1
Space Marines Limited Edition Captain in Terminator Armor 1
Space Marines Legion of The Damned (2) 1
Space Marines Mark III 10
Space Marines Primaris Lieutenant Zakariah 1
Space Marines Scout Bike Squad 1
Space Marines Scouts with Shotguns 4
Space Marines Terminator Chaplain (metal) 1
Space Marine Vanguard Veterans 3
Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolves (1) 1
Space Wolves Thunderwolf Cavalryman (2) 1
Space Wolves Thunderwolf only (2) 1
Tau Ethereal on Hoover Drone 2
Tau Devilfish 1
Tau Fire Warriors (without support turret) 1
Tau XV8 Crisis Battlesuit 2
Tau XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit 1
Terrain: Sector Mechanicum Galvanic Magnavent 1
Tyranid Hormaguant (2) 1
Tyranid Genestealers 10
Tyranid Gargoyles 10
Tyranid Hormagaunts 6
Blood Angels Terminator Shoulder Pads 1
Chaos Decimator Butcher Cannon 1
Deredo Dreadnought Hellfire Plasma Cannonade 1
Legion MKIV Command Squad Upgrade 1
Legion MKIV Outrider Bike 1
Mars Pattern Warlord Titan Belicosa Volcano Cannon 1
Space Wolves Land Raider Doors 1
Space Wolves Venerable Dreanoudght body 1
Tartaros Pattern Terminators 5
Tyranid Twin-Linked Devourers 2
Ultramarines Invictarii Upgrades Torsos 1
Ultramarines Land Raider Doors & Plate 1
Ultramarines Legion MKIV Shoulder Pads 1
Ultramarines Praetorian Upgrades Heads 1
Ultramarines Praetorian Upgrades Torsos 7
AOS Beastmen Bestigor Herd Box 1
AOS Flesh-Eater Courts Crypt Flayers (BOX) (Missing one pair of wings) 1
AOS Orc Great Shaman 1
AOS Savage Orcs 1
AOS Bloodletters 3
AOS Bloodreavers 20
AOS Bloodstoker 1
AOS Blood Warrior 5
AOS Inquisitor: Inferno Pistol & Power Sword 2
AOS Khorne Bloodbound Slaughterpriest 1
AOS Stormcast Eternals Naeve Blacktalon (Blightwar) 1
AOS Stormcast Eternals Vanguard-Raptors (Blightwar) 3
AOS Stormcast Eternals Aetherwings (Blightwar) 3
AOS Stormcast Eternals Vanguard Palladors (Blightwar)2 2
AOS Stormcast Eternals Vanguard-Hunters (Blightwar) 5
AOS Stormcast Eternals Knight Vexilor (1 Vexila type) 1
AOS Stormcast Eternals Vandus Hammerhand 1
AOS Stormcast Eternals Prosecutors 5
AOS Stormcast Eternals Severin Steelheart (no head) 1
AOS Stormcast Eternals Single Liberator 1
AOS Stormcast Eternals Knight-Incantor (Soulwars) 1
AOS Stormcast Eternals Evocators (Soulwars) 3
AOS Stormcast Eternals Castigators (Soulwars) 5
AOS Stormcast Eternals Sequitors (Soulwars) 8
AOS Stormcast Eternals Celestar Ballista (Soulwars) 1
AOS Tzeentch Acantrites Tzaangor Enlightened 3
AOS Varanguard, Knights of Ruin 2
AVP Alien Stalkers  10
AVP Alien Warriors 15
AVP Predators 3
AVP Yutani Marine 1
Bolt Action - Late War German Infantry Box 1
Barbarian Dude (With Axe, Hammer, Shield and Cloak) 1
DEE ZEE Cave Bear Rearing Code:C 28mm 1
Dreamforge-Games Eisenkern Stormtroopers 1
Dreamforge-Games Right Handed Maulerclaw 1
THE HOBBIT Isendguard Commanders 4
Infinity Dire Foes Mission Pack 1: Train Rescue  1
Infinity Kempeitai 1
Infinity Nagas Hacker 1
Infinity USAriadna with limited edition Maverick Girl 1
Malifaux Alt Bishop Box (no stat card) 1
Malifaux Alt Joss Box (no stat card) 1
Malifaux Big Jake Box (no stat card) 1
Malifaux Carlos Vasquez Box (no stat card) 1
Malifaux Firestarter Box (no stat card) 1
Malifaux Ice Dancer Box (no stat card) 1
Malifaux Mechanized Porkchop Box (no stat card) 1
Malifaux Obsidian Oni Box (no stat card) 1
Malifaux Posessed Golem Box (no stat card) 1
Malifaux Scorpius Box (no stat card) 1
Malifaux Shastar Vidiya Guard Box (no stat card) 1
Malifaux Swine Cursed Box (no stat card) 1
Malifaux Terra Cotta Warriors Box (no stat card) 1
Raging Heroes Altarii, High-Ranking Officer 1
Raging Heroes Icariates  7
Raging Heroes Sister Augusta, The Mother Superior 1
Raging Heroes Sister Celenia, Ardanna, Doralys 1
Raging Heroes Sister of Eternal Mercy Heavy Weapon Flamer 2
Raging Heroes Sister of Eternal Mercy Heavy Weapon Submachinegun 1
Raging Heroes Sister of Eternal Mercy Heavy Weapon Specialist 1
Reaper Miniatures 25th Anniversary Lysette 1
Reaper Miniatures Dain Deepaxe 1
Reaper Miniatures Lorus Hightower 1
Reaper Miniatures Owlbear 2
Reaper Miniatures Pathfinder Red Dragon (without upper head part)  1
Reaper Miniatures Tara the Silent 1
Scibor 28mm/30mm Shit is Love 1